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Organic Rosehip Oil


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100% pure virgin organic cold-pressed rosehip seed oil. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

A natural nourishment and repair for all skin types, regenerating rosehip oil promotes collagen and elastic levels to help improve texture, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and reduce scarring, and revitalises the skin. Organic rosehip oil is an ideal daily moisturiser for dehydrated or ageing skin.

Apply 1-2 drops to clean skin morning and night to help repair and restore skin.

  • 100% organic cold-pressed rosehip oil from Chile
  • Natural oil to repair and protect skin
  • Daily lightweight nourishing moisturiser
  • Ideal for use on stretch marks, scars and fine lines
  • No essential oils or preservatives added


Ingredients: rosa canina fruit oil.

100% organic. 100% natural. Registered with The Vegan Society. Guiltless Skin is committed to cruelty-free skincare.




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