About Us – Guiltless Skin

About Us

Guiltless Skin was born out of a desire to be more conscious of the ingredients in our skincare without compromising on performance or integrity.

We seek out proven high-performance ingredients for our products, but we'll only do it as sustainably as possible.

For us, that means every raw material used in Guiltless Skin products is fully biodegradable, always vegan and organic wherever possible. They’re also highly effective and scientifically proven.

To maintain integrity, we leave debatable, controversial and ambiguous raw materials out of our formulations. We’ve replaced them with sustainable alternatives that deliver the benefits expected by our customers.

We try to minimise our impact as much as possible by using glass containers and reducing unecessary outer packaging.

People who turn to Guiltless Skin stay with us because they trust our ethical values and appreciate the efficacy of our products.

As our product range grows, we continue to remain fiercely loyal to only using ingredients that all have a purpose without damaging our planet or our skin. 

We're not willing to compromise on our principles, and neither should you.

Our entire range of products is manufactured and bottled in our own facility in Essex, United Kingdom. We make everything ourselves and do not outsource any part of the production process to third parties. 

We're committed to green production processes, including using eco-certified cleaning materials in our manufacturing facility to help reduce our impact on the environment. 

We follow Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure that our products are always manufactured to the safest standards. We also maintain a rigorous supplier management system to ensure the integrity of raw materials.

When you buy directly from us or one of our authorised retailers, you can be assured that your products arrive with the same quality they left our hands.

We've chosen not to publish a 'nasties' list because we think it's irresponsible. As a consumer, you should have the option to make informed decisions about what aligns with your own values. There are some ingredients in our products that you may prefer not to use, and that's perfectly fine.

We're not willing to compromise on our principles, and neither should you.   

We fully disclose all the ingredients on every product page so that you can make an informed choice about what you put on your skin.

These are our guiding principles:


The European Cosmetic Directive - which is the regulatory assessment criteria for the safety of ingredients used in skincare - typically limits its evaluation to human health risks during use of a product. It generally does not consider the environmental impact or human health effects after a product's end-of-life.

But we do. Although there are some raw materials deemed as perfectly safe to use in skin care, they'll still never see the light of day in our product formulations. 

Every single ingredient in our products is readily biodegradable. That's why you'll never find dimethicone, synthetic polymers and mineral oil in our products. 

Vegan and cruelty-free

Our entire product range is vegan and cruelty-free. Our certifications are independent verification that no animal ingredients are used in our products, and the raw materials are not tested on animals.


Plants sprayed with synthetic pesticides can have a devastating effect on wildlife. Organic farming standards don't allow the use of such pesticides and herbicides, which is why we always use organic ingredients when possible. 

If an ingredient doesn't meet the principles we've outlined above, you won't find it in our products.