Fragrance and Allergen Information – Guiltless Skin

Fragrance and Allergen Information

Fragrance-Free Skincare

There are no synthetic fragrances or parfum added to any Guiltless Skin product. The majority of our products are completely free of scent.

A small handful of our products do contain essential oils or hydrolates.

Hydrate Moisture Serum is made with organic rose water, the by-product of essential oil distillation. It contains natural constituents of citronellol and geraniol.

Charcoal Orange Cleanser contains organic sweet orange essential oil. Naturally occurring d-Limonene in this essential oil may be a contact allergen.

Nourish Body Oil with Citrus Fruits contains organic bergamot and sweet orange essential oils. Linalol and d-limonene are potential contact allergens.

If you have dermatitis or known allergies to these ingredients, we advise avoiding the use of these products.