Palm-Derived Ingredients – Guiltless Skin

Our Position On Palm-Derived Ingredients

Although we don’t use raw palm oil in any of our products, some do contain small percentages of COSMOS-approved emulsifiers and thickeners that are derived from the fatty alcohols of sustainability sourced RSPO-certified palm kernel fruit. These ingredients stop our emulsified products from separating and provide a texture that consumers expect to feel on their skin.

The growing debate about the use of palm-derived ingredients in consumer products is important and we support it. Consumer awareness of our collective impact on the environment is long overdue.

We also believe in taking an evidence-based approach to conservation and we strive to find a balance between social and economic development and a healthy environment for all of earth’s inhabitants.

The fact is that palm gives the highest yield per acre of any oilseed crop in the world. Boycotting palm-derived ingredients will only lead to their replacement by other crops needing far more farmland. Moving the problem to elsewhere on the planet will cause a ripple effect on the environment and economic development, with far greater destruction to natural habitats, more devastating deforestation and an impact on the human rights and livelihoods of families in developing nations.

This position is supported by all the major NGOs and environmental experts, including the Sumatran Orangutan Society and WWF.

"Should we boycott palm oil? Will this action help orangutans, forests and communities? The answer is an unequivocal no.” - Sumatran Orangutan Society

As a society, we need access to affordable, effective and sustainable raw materials, so what or who gets impacted next? It's far from an ideal scenario and there are no winners in the short term. But a considered approach towards responsibly sourcing raw materials and ensuring that producers are independently verified is crucial. Keeping pressure on producers to raise standards, end deforestation and demanding traceable certification is a practical way to reduce our environmental impact. The more pressure placed on growers, the more they are forced to take positive action.

We do our part by ensuring the suppliers of our sustainably sourced palm-derived ingredients are members of the RSPO and have been approved by COSMOS, the leading international natural and organic beauty standard body. By doing so, we support a better future for all of earth's inhabitants.