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The Importance of Biodegradable Ingredients

This image is always instant reminder of why I began my Guiltless Skin journey.  

During a trip to a remote region in Namibia, my husband and I saw firsthand the delicate balance between nature and man’s impact: and how fast that balance is disappearing.

We were staying in the Kunene region to witness the important rhino conservation efforts that are taking place to protect these gentle giants from poachers.

This is a part of the country where it had not properly rained for five years and as a result, very few wildlife stayed in the region. Our guide, who lives nearby to the camp, told us he can no longer survive off the land his family has farmed for generations because of the devastating impact of droughts on irrigation and water supply, so he now relies on tourism income. (Read more about the problem facing farmers in Namibia). But tourism is a growing part of the problem on the fragile ecosystem. 

Guests at our camp were asked to be sparing with water usage and refrain from using any products we had brought with us. The reason? All wastewater was being recycled and reused to water crops. The non-bio degradable ingredients in the majority of cosmetics made the grey water toxic to plants. Let alone the contamination to the critical water holes for remaining wandering wildlife. Instead, the camp provided their own products for guests’ use during their stay - products that had been made using biodegradable ingredients that will not harm the environment.  

Namibia truly was the turning point when it came to my understanding of what “no compromise” skincare really means, and just how great our impact is when we choose to use products with questionable ingredients. Let us be under no illusion that what we wear on our skin doesn’t end up in our waterways. 

Now, since founding Guiltless Skin, when I travel to places like Namibia I do so in the knowledge that the ingredients in my skin care are as kind to the environment as they are to my own skin - and yours.